Career Details


Duties and Responsibilities include:

  • Form repairs, service, maintenance, and reconditioning work to the processing plant’s stationary, mechanical and auxiliary equipment
  • Recommend actions to maximize maintenance efficiency and minimize operational downtime
  • Maintain the operating plant mechanical and piping systems
  • At all times having an emphasis on safety, health, environment and legal requirements
  • Must follow all company policies and procedures pertaining to employees’ relations and health and safety for the prevention of accidents including rules and regulations
  • Wear the proper personal protective equipment necessary to perform his duties
  • Work in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations for Mines and Mining Plants
  • To read and understand the information from all personnel on shifts recorded in the daily operator’s book and log sheets to locate any areas of repairs necessary. Read instructions for operators in the instructions book to keep informed
  • In case of an accident or incident it is his responsibility to ensure appropriate and proper incident reports are completed and forwarded to the general foreman or nurse as soon as possible
  • To be aware and have an understanding of the information found in the MSDS sheet for all chemicals and lubricants handled, including WHIMS. Fill in 5 point safety system sheets on a regular basis
  • To receive instructions from the supervisor assigning standard and emergency repairs to be made in the crushing plant and mill circuit and perform these in a timely manner
  • To perform scheduled maintenance on all mill and crushing equipment, including for example various pumps, ball mills, jaw and cone crushers, conveyors, hydraulic gear and equipment. To coordinate with operators on shutdown (including lock out procedures) and start up procedures before and after equipment repairs are completed
  • To dismantle, visually inspect for worn or damaged parts, clean and repair, replace or fabricate new parts. To reinstall and/or realign gears, bearings and pumps and modifications to transfer chutes as required. To clean the area where the actual repairs are performed of any waste equipment pieces
  • To perform cleanup and organization of the millwrights shop on a regular basis
  • To operate front end loader, power equipment, welding equipment, overhead trolleys and cranes as required in a safe manner. Report any defects of the equipment to the general foreman for repairs or replacement
  • To select materials for the job as required. To coordinate with general mill foreman for ordering parts and equipment. Must be able to read and understand blueprints. To inform the general foreman when possible shutdown may be required in the circuit due to faulty or worn equipment to help minimize excess or costly damage
  • To coordinate with the general foreman or superintendent in detailed planning and scheduling of major maintenance repairs and helping to order or fabricate parts
  • Must comply with the Occupational Health & Safety Policy
  • Must comply with the Environmental Policy
  • Any other tasks assigned provided the incumbent is qualified to do the work


  • Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diploma
  • Basic Mill Common Core and Specialty Modules related to milling
  • Millwright Program Graduate of the college level
  • Certified Millwright
  • 7-10 years of experience
Rate of Pay Millwright 1 - $36.00, Millwright 2 - $32.50