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Job Details

RATE OF PAY: Salary, Commensurate with experience and qualifications

Duties and Responsibilities include:

  • Align work with budget and considerations that support the mine with safety and cost conscious awareness.
  • Perform daily performance coaching with supervisors to facilitate the best outcomes with employees input being supported and devolved responsibility for specific workplace activities
  • Provide support to supervisors in the form of allowing work to be completed by employees on the front line that is organised, planned, resourced with considerations of common sense and best practice with applied change management principles where applicable.
  • Responsible and accountable for ensuring the reliability, operability and maintenance of defined assets and equipment
  • Responsible for managingthe coordinated work and establishing priorities with maintenance personnel to ensure minimal interruptions to the operation. The Mobile General Foreman has a 90-day horizon – meaning one day to 3 months in required maintenance is the remit to manage with others.
  • Hold Supervisors and Team Leaders accountable for daily/weekly performance
  • Manage PM’s, repairs, and maintenance activities, ensuring PM schedule is relevant, timely and efficient. This is reflected in availabilities and overall mine performance.
  • Manage the operation from reactive maintenance to reliability maintenance footing.
  • Apply Management of Change (MoC) principles to modification and any material changes to physical environment
  • Be aware of risk register in mobile maintenance area and manage mobile maintenance to have documented mitigations in place.
  • Communicate effectively and provide positive reinforcement with crews in terms of safety, work procedures, expectations, productivity and any relevant information to the employees work scope
  • Apply 5 S principles - Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain
  • Works closely with Mining/Mill departments to support planning, scheduling and provide guidance for maintenance with operational mine/mill priorities.
  • With Supervisor advice, inspect work to provide positive reinforcement or identify training needs. Support the Maintenance Classification Guideline for keeping contemporary professional skills up to our team.
  • Support Supervisors to prepare cross shift appropriately by assembling parts and aligning/communicating accordingly
  • Communicate with Maintenance Superintendent and other Foremen all pertinent information for the safe continuation of work
  • Responsible for reporting each shift to the Maintenance Superintendent on progress, status and work completed and any safety issues identified
  • Remain aware of any hazards identified or any safety issues that need to be rectified, escalating with appropriate actions including reporting
  • Review time cards and sign, date and code accordingly – ensuring data is accurate in SIMS and appropriately reconcilable for audit purposes consistent with SOX
  • Communicate effectively (Consult & Inform) with other department personnel to plan and schedule required work
  • Assist in the revision of programs, procedures, Build of Materials (BOMs), parts required of maintenance systems e.g. CMMS SAP implementation
  • All other duties as assigned by the supervisor that can safely and competently be performed


  • Appropriate Trade Qualifications for discipline
  • Microsoft Office Skills & CMMS alignment e.g. SAP
  • Current and valid Drivers Licence
  • 7-10 years in supervisory role
  • Demonstrable Coaching and Leadership skills
  • Well developed communication skills and ability to motivate with operational ownership

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