Career Details


Duties and Responsibilities include:

  • Process technical support for projects and metallurgical systems.
  • Metallurgical sampling, analysis and accounting
  • Completing lab tests (ie. Surveys, carbon activities, strip & leach profiles, settling tests, etc)
  • Operate ETP circuit
  • Conduct inventory (reagents)
  • Perform other operational and technical tasks as assigned.
  • Perform work to safely meet productivity expectations and schedules
  • Housekeeping – keep work areas clean and free from hazards
  • Communication – from and with others, recording accurate records on 5 point (Zero Hazard) card, aligning with daily tasks assigned
  • Teamwork – complete set tasks and actively assist others to complete their tasks.


  • Working towards a college or university degree, preferably in metallurgy, mineral processing and/or chemical engineering or science.
  • Positive attitude, enthusiastic
  • Ability to communicare well in English (both written and verbal)
  • Computer skills (Microsoft Office)
  • Able to adapt to changing situations
Rate of Pay 22.66/hr