Career Details


Duties and Responsibilities include:

  • Prepared to complete & maintain competence with Ontario common core UG Mining modules:
  • Induction, General Inspection, Scaling, Tag & Lockout, Operate Lifting Mechanism. As per KLG Underground Mining Classification Guideline
  • Haulage & where required Rock Breaker Operations
  • Perform work to safely meet productivity expectations and schedules
  • Housekeeping – keep work areas clean and free from hazards
  • Communication – from and with others, recording accurate records on 5 point (Zero Hazard) card, aligning with daily tasks assigned
  • Assist in safe and efficient mining operations, such as delivery, pick-up and transport of mining equipment and personnel and other mining tasks as directed by the Supervisor within the Mining Department.
  • Teamwork – complete set tasks and actively assist others to complete their tasks.


  • Physically Fit, self starter with
  • Tolerance for hot, cold and humid environment
  • Demonstrated Safety awareness
  • Literacy and Numeracy to minimum year/grade 10

Physical Requirements

  • Shift work Day and Night
  • Ground to waist height up to 40kg occasionally, 10 kg frequently
  • Waist to shoulder height up to 40kg as capable
  • Carry up to 40 kg as capable
  • Occasional to frequent heavy push pull. Occasional sitting
  • Constant standing. Constant walking over uneven ground
  • Occasional to frequent working in in awkward positions – squatting, kneeling, bent over
  • Working with arms overhead
  • Tool use
  • High physical strength and endurance demands
  • Environment conditions can be: hot, humid, wet, dusty. Lighting is restricted. May be excessive noise. Airflow is artificial.
  • Ground condition s may be wet, muddy slippery, sloped inclines, loose rocks and obstacles on the ground.
Rate of Pay $24.72 / Hour