Career Details


Duties and Responsibilities includes:

  • Perform role consistent with the Health & Safety Training Classification Guideline Surface Operations eg induction competent & passed out on relevant machinery
  • Operate Machinery – Haulage, Generator, Pump & at least 2 of the following; Forklift, Loader, Grader or Excavator
  • Safely operate machinery where people are potentially present, required to always meet all safety protocols eg positive contact
  • Operate Equipment in a manner to preserve its best condition whilst remaining productive
  • Have a clean and clear work area
  • Work with understanding of 5S: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain
  • Work with principles of teamwork, displaying these daily
  • Communicate effectively, displaying this daily
  • Be prepared to assist in all roles that are required and responding appropriately to these needs, including seasonal activity, shovelling snow, spreading sand, enabling safe
  • Support the smooth running of the mine, appreciating that is our role
  • Other duties from time to time.


  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in mineral processing, mining or quarrying operations, with significant skill in mobile equipment operations
  • Minimum 1 years’ experience operating fixed plant or mobile equipment of a similar nature to that of the operation
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills (written and oral) essential.
  • Valid and clean G class License (Minimum)

Desirable Knowledge and skills

  • High level of motivation
  • Honest and confidential.
  • Pro-active, self-starter capable of working in a small team of professional operators
  • D Class license with endorsements desirable

Physical Demands and Requirements

  • lift and carry loads up to a maximum of 15kgs (30lbs)
  • work in environmental extremes for over 60 consecutive minutes (e.g. very cold, or variable weather)
  • ­­Constantly sit, stand, walk, bend, reach, squat, kneel, crawl and/or climb stairs. 
  • Frequently push, pull, lift, lower, hold, and or restrain an object.
  • Access and egress vehicles that require arm extension and flexion to achieve access/egress
  • Care and caution accessing and egressing equipment that will invariably be on uneven ground
  • Capacity to support personal body weight trough upper torso as above
  • Core strength to support lower back due to role type operating machinery for extended periods
  • Fatigue management related to shift work
Rate of Pay $27.30 /hour