Career Details


Duties and Responsibilities of an Underground Electrical Apprentice  include:

  • Installing and terminating conduit and cable. Locating and installing equipment, panels, sensors and other control components and devices
  • Fabricate control panels, wiring check-out. Perform and/or assist with systems start up
  • Participate in job site final walk though. Prepare all as built markup drawings for the design engineer
  • Assist Trades personnel in the coordination of on-site activities and monitoring of progress
  • Layout and plan the installation. Quantify and order required material
  • Provide input relating to the resolution of any design or installation issues
  • Where possible participate as part of the team to plan the job from the onset
  • Install, alter, repair and maintain a wide range of electrical equipment for safe, efficient and environmentally sound operation
  • Ensure all electrical maintenance operations are in compliance with applicable regulations and trade practices;
  • May troubleshoot problems that occur with the job, submit requests for supplies and tools to ensure that they are available on the worksite when needed
  • Lay out circuits, set up breaker and panel boxes, and install fixtures and lights as well as other electrical equipment
  • Other duties as directed from time to time


  • Registered apprentice or willing to be registered
  • College diploma in relevant program or equivalent experience
  • Must be able to read and understand electrical prints
  • Must have good communication and leadership skills
  • Knowledge of Lockout: high voltage switching and de-energizing cables
  • Ability to competently use a multi-meter/megger insulation tester
  • Technical strength coupled with good people skills, and good planning;

Physical Requirements

  • Shift work Day and Night
  • Ground to waist height up to 40kg occasionally, 10 kg frequently
  • Waist to shoulder height up to 40kg as capable
  • Carry up to 40 kg as capable
  • Occasional to frequent heavy push pull. Occasional sitting
  • Constant standing. Constant walking over uneven ground
  • Occasional to frequent working in in awkward positions – squatting, kneeling, bent over
  • Working with arms overhead
  • Tool use
  • High physical strength and endurance demands
  • Environment conditions can be: hot, humid, wet, dusty. Lighting is restricted. May be excessive noise. Airflow is artificial.
  • Ground condition s may be wet, muddy slippery, sloped inclines, loose rocks and obstacles on the ground.