Career Details


Duties and Responsibilities of a Mill Operator 1 include:

  • Competency in Basic Mill Common core and working toward other modules for Operator 1 as required. (KLG Mill Operations Training Classification Guideline)
  • Monitor and maintain metallurgical parameters in all aspects of solutions circuit/stripping circuit.
  • Accuracy in reporting of process data in relevant documents (e.g. excel)
  • Monitors all instrumentation used to control the process in his/her area of responsibility, advising the appropriate people of defective equipment.
  • Takes necessary corrective action to maintain established parameters and to bring the circuit into the established parameter ranges.
  • Performs quality control tests and makes adjustments as required to ensure that the circuit operates within the established product quality parameters.
  • Performs various investigative tests as may be required to ensure the circuit operates at optimum conditions.
  • Assists in metallurgical investigations as required determining and evaluating various methods of improving circuit performance.
  • Keeps up to date with changes in operating parameters, equipment, procedures and process control strategies in his/her area of responsibility.
  • Makes recommendations to supervision for efficiency, safety and production improvements.
  • Performs the required operating maintenance checks on all necessary operating equipment under his/her area of responsibility, and takes corrective action when required.
  • Assists as required with the maintenance of equipment.
  • Keeps work area clean to maintain a safe clean working environment.
  • Prioritize work and multi-tasking while following SOP’s and working safely, leading by example.
  • Provide relief on grinding, solutions or crushing as required.
  • Assist and provide training to Mill Operator 2, 3 and 4.
  • Act as Lead Hand


  • Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diploma
  • Literacy and numeracy to meet requirements of role
  • 6 years experience as a an Operator 2 or equivalent
  • Mechanically minded to appreciate operations within acceptable parameters and ability to note subtle differences
  • Team focussed, work independently and with others

Interested employees must provide a completed Internal Vacancy Application form along with an updated resume to the Human Resources department no later than the deadline listed above.




$29.00 / hr. to $36.00 / hr