Career Details


Duties and Responsibilities of a Millwright  include:

  • Consistent with Maintenance Department Classification Guideline
  • Install new or overhauled equipment in a timely manner according to manufacturers recommendations;
  • Fabricate, overhaul, and install parts on fixed equipment installations, within time frames to be outlined by the Mill Maintenance Supervisor;
  • Keep work areas and equipment clean and free of safety hazards on a continuous basis and conduct routine inspections of the workplace;
  • Perform preventative maintenance;
  • Repair equipment within planned time frames;
  • Conduct equipment inspections in response to Operations concerns or as outlined by a maintenance schedule;
  • Perform repairs in a cost effective, safe, and environmentally friendly manner in order to maximize equipment availability;
  • Communicate reports on maintenance and log repairs;
  • All other duties as may be assigned.


  • Active member of the Ontario College of Trades.
  • Must have good communication and leadership skills
  • Able to set priorities and work with minimum supervision
  • Accurate with measurements and take offs.




 $37.08 / Hour