Career Details


We have 2 vacancies in the Maintenance Department for the position of a Mill Electrician.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Mill Electrician include:

  • Perform electrical work on new installations, trouble shooting and repairs as required
  • Read and interpret drawings, circuit diagrams, blueprints and electrical code specifications to determine wiring layouts for new or existing installations
  • Lay down wires; splicing and connecting wires; installing switches, circuit breakers
  • Analyze electrical systems and equipment to figure out why they aren’t working
  • Conduct preventative maintenance programs on electrical equipment and keep maintenance records
  • Test continuity of circuits using test equipment to ensure compatibility and safety of system, following installation, replacement or repair
  • Adhere to the OHSA & Acts and Regulations for mines –Z463 Standards
  • Work on assigned daily lineup following work orders and instructions
  • Provide electrical services to new and used equipment; including the power feed cabling, electrical protection equipment in compliance with ESA rules and regulations
  • Troubleshoot electrical systems including electrical mobile equipment, power distribution, leaky feeder (communication systems), PLC, motor controls and any other work as assigned
  • Providing support within the centralized maintenance team
  • Other duties as directed from time to time


  • Licensed Electrician
  • Experience with medium and high voltages would be an asset
  • Basic understandarding of PLC systems and motor controls
  • Knowledge of CSA/ESA rules/regulations
  • Strong computer skills would be a definite asset

Physical Requirements

  • Frequent stair claimbing
  • Ground to waist height up to 40kg occasionally, 10 kg frequently
  • Waist to shoulder height up to 40kg as capable
  • Carry up to 40 kg as capable
  • Occasional to frequent heavy push pull. Occasional sitting
  • Occasional to frequent working in in awkward positions – squatting, kneeling, bent over
  • Working with arms overhead
  • Tool use
  • High physical strength and endurance demands
  • Environment conditions can be: hot, humid, wet, dusty. Lighting is restricted. May be excessive noise. Airflow is artificial.
  • Ground condition s may be wet, muddy slippery, sloped inclines, loose rocks and obstacles on the ground.
Rate of Pay $37.08/hr